August 5th, 2020 @ 09:00 AM









Business and Technology Development in Facing Society Revolution 5.0

We would like to welcome you to the first International Conference of Business and Technology (ICONBUSTECH 2020) that will be held on the 5th August 2020 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. This conference is organized and sponsored by Pelita Indonesia Institute of Business and Technology.

In recent years, Industry 4.0 has influenced industrial sectors such as transportation, healthcare, manufacturing and many other. This rapid development of technology has infiltrated every aspect of human life. With the emerging social problems (ageing society, regional migrations, etc), information overflow, and work inefficiency, developed countries have been working on many ideas and researches especially in Business and Technology to keep up with the advancement of Society 5.0.

This conference provides an international forum for researchers, academicians, professionals, and students from Business and Technology fields to share and discuss their latest research findings. This conference will include technical session and business panel. We are inviting you to submit your papers to this conference. After peer review process, accepted papers will be submitted to Journal of Applied Business and Technology (JABT).

Warm regards,

Dr. Dewi Nasien
General chair


On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) had declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. The disease is now widely spead in more than 100 countries. Therefore, in accordance to the rector letter number 034/III/SKR/IBT-PI/2020, ICONBUSTECH that is organized by PELITA with theme Business and Technology Development in Facing Society Revolution 5.0 has some changes in the event that is described below:

1. The seminar event will not allow many participants.
2. The keynote speaker will present his research paper in video format. It can be accessed on ICONBUSTECH website.
3. The seminar kit will be delivered to the participants once the article is received and the payment has been made.
4. The revised conference fees are as follows:
a) Presenter (Student): Rp. 500,000.00
b) Presenter (Non-Student): Rp. 800,000.00

We would like to apologize for these changes due to the unforessen circumstances. We do wish that you can still participate in the conference with modified format and make this event a successful one.

Topics of Interest

#Business Management Trends:
• Innovation Management
• Business Sustainability
• Business Ethics
• International Business Management
• E-commerce & Digital Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Management Issues in Accounting and finance
• International Trade
• Marketing Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Human Resource Management
• Leadership
• Operational and Quality Management
• Strategic Management
• Management Information System
• Knowledge Management
• Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations
• Halal Management

#Technology Trends:
• Internet of Things
• Blockchain
• Big Data
• Smart Cities
• Machine to Machine
• Neuromorphic Systems
• Data Analytics
• Mobile Applications
• Digital Transformation
• Software Engineering and Quality
• Business Intelligence
• Computing
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Vision
• Networking
• Security
• e-Learning